Public Artwork

Anti Totem Pole

Phil Morrison, Anti Totem Pole, 2001
Books & Co , 4th Avenue and Rupert Street, Prince George, BC, V2L 3G5, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Morrison, Phil
Text author(s): 
Morrison, Phil
Installation year: 

Totem made of washer-dryers

Text of the artwork: 

the vancouver airport and the prince george art gallery are just two examples of how art and politics then I was thinking about telephone booths totem poles the truth got the dryers for nothing when joe lent me his plasma cutter some of it happened around bear lake and we must thank Jim

Text theme: 
The artist’s random impressions during the creative process
Artwork theme: 

Lost Native rights and culture; portrait of Native culture by white culture in BC; domination of white culture over Native culture in BC; waste; technology



•Description: Built in silent protest of the Installation of the Crest Pole at Two Rivers Gallery

•Sponsors: Jim Brinkman of Books & Co.

•Current Custodian: Books & Co.

Jim Brinkman, owner of Books & Co.