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A Million Summers

Blake Williams,  A Million Summers, 1999
Blake Williams,  A Million Summers, 1999
Blake Williams,  A Million Summers, 1999
Blake Williams,  A Million Summers, 1999
Blake Williams,  A Million Summers, 1999
Surrey Sports and Leisure Aquatic and Fitness Facility, 16555 Fraser Highway , Surrey, BC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Williams, Blake
Text author(s): 
Williams, Blake
Children from the nearby William Watson Elementary School (drawings of images reproduced on ceramic tiles)
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

Fleetwood neighbourhood. 2 panels of tiles located on the wall near the entrance doors, spans the lobby; 4 panels at the end of the pool; 12 glass viewing frames laminated along windows overlooking the garden; 128 tiles, produced by elementary school students, located in the washrooms/change rooms


An extensive set of murals and two-dimensional artworks evoke movement and flight, human accomplishment and cultural diversity. Installed at one end of the pool are four large tile murals of diving figures.

Text of the artwork: 

a million summers

forgotten secrets

whispered on ripples

against sand


boulder to boulder

gravity gone

garibaldi looming

volcanic heart




through forests

of peoples ancient

scent of salt

as cedars open


granite faces

stacked above

hand holds set



water goes right by



little creek



always nettle place



tides high we can go

Text theme: 
Artwork theme: 

Sports, health, ambition and achievement, major religions of Surrey’s culturally diverse communities, nature, history.


Budget: design, fabrication & installation $112,500

Language: English and Sto:lo

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