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Devora Neumark, Uncoverings, 1995
Devora Neumark, Uncoverings, 1995
Old Market Square et the Floating Gallery, 314-63 rue Albert , Winnipeg, MB, R3B 3B2, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Neumark, Devora
Text author(s): 
Neumark, Devora
Installation year: 

Installation photographiques placée sur le gazon.

Text of the artwork: 

who controls the silence?


somehow I learned to
separate the experience
from the feeling : this way
I wouldn't be present
when the bad stuff


I'm still trying to put
myself back together
and so
I mourn.



living with the memories  the
terror  guilt  shame  pain  hurt 
ever present (even if they
now say they're sorry)


what truths must I tell my children?



when I was little, my father told me
that each person is given a certain
number of words to use during their
life. when the words are used up, the
person dies. I remember counting each
word I spoke, afraid I would die young.


I promised I wouldn't do that to my daughter.

Artwork theme: 

Abus (sexuel) des enfants, traumatisme, mémoire


Événement : Light Year : A Festival of Photographies

Date: 30 sep-28 oct 1995

Event date(s): 

Monumental Amnesia: Devora Neumark’s recent installations

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