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Tree Bands

Holly Newman, Tree Bands, 2008
Holly Newman, Tree Bands, 2008
Holly Newman, Tree Bands, 2008
Holly Newman, Tree Bands, 2008
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Créateur(s) de l'œuvre: 
Newman, Holly
Text author(s): 
Newman, Holly
Année d'installation: 
Remarques sur l’emplacement: 

Plusieurs emplacements


Texte enroulé autour des arbres avec des rubans, des textiles et des éléments d'artisanat

Texte de l'oeuvre: 

I love you.
What a beauty.
Fragments of paradise.
Wonder of wonders.
Broken promises.
Take a good long look.
Never say forever.
A wounded heart.
A wee bit of wild.
Rapture in green

Thème du texte: 
Thème de l’œuvre: 

L’artiste a utilisé 10 textes sur 12 installations qu’elle a exposées pendant 10 jours dans la rue.


I imagined a dialogue between the trees and passersby. The text was wrapped around the trees with ribbons, textiles and common art crafts elements as a way to invite the viewer into the conversation. I used ten different texts in twelve installations, and exhibited them for ten days on Edmonton streets, I had five to take back home. I constructed the work in such a way to emphasize that, although the work was installed in an unstructured environment, I did not see the work as disposable. The final product was intended to underline the serious and considered process from which I chose the texts and their placement.

- Conversation avec l'artiste, avril 2009

Holly Newman