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Sentinel of Truth

Sentinel of Truth
Sentinel of Truth
Sentinel of Truth
Sentinel of Truth
Sentinel of Truth
Sentinel of Truth
Millennium Library Park, 251 Donald Street , Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Stebeleski, Darren
Text author(s): 
Installation year: 

Mur en acier inoxydable percé de fenêtre comprenant 18 extraits de texte. Ceux-ci sont de courts extraits de fiction et de poésie provenant de diverses époques. Le texte est représenté avec des polices et des tailles différentes

Les textes proviennent d’écrits qui ont été censurés. 

Text of the artwork: 



I know you’re are strong 



Do you know, Gertrude,

I don't mind your talking

morality a bit. Morality

is simply the attitude we adopt

towards people whom we personally

dislike. You dislike me. I am

quite aware of that. And I

have always detested you.

And yet I have come here to do

you a service


-An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde




If I had a magic wand I would walk down Main Street and go ting-you're now CBGB's. Ting-you're an angry street vendor. Ting-you're Lou Reed. Hey Nomi. Hey Lou.Tour with me. You got it man


- A Complicated Kindness  Miriam Toews

Text theme: 
Le droit à la parole
Artwork theme: 

La bibliothèque comme gardien du savoir, pilier de la société.  



"As a society our ideas and our truths are ever fragile, open to corruption and attack through censorship. The existence of a free and open library guarantees their safety and their dissemination.


Our stories are more than diversions; they are reflections of ourselves, explaining our lives to us. And our libraries are more than buildings that house books; they are unflagging shields protecting armouries of fearless truth. We must never fail to watch over them, as they watch over us." 


-Darren Stebeleski, 2012

Winnipeg arts Council (2012). Sentinel of Truth