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Lest we Forget

Teresa Posyniak, Lest we Forget, 1994
Teresa Posyniak, Lest we Forget, 1994
Teresa Posyniak, Lest we Forget, 1994
Artwork creator(s): 
Posyniak, Teresa
Text author(s): 
Posyniak, Teresa
Installation year: 

Installation est un livre est une liste de noms de 135 femmes canadiennes tuées depuis 1989. Entre la liste des noms, on retrouve la phrase "lest we forget".

Text of the artwork: 

(Nom de 135 femmes)

Lest we forget

Artwork theme: 

La mort, la violence domestique



In 1994, Lest We Forget found a permanent home on the University of Calgary campus, through the efforts of Dean of Law Sheilah Martin and some law faculty alumnae. The piece by Calgary artist Teresa Posyniak remembers and protests violence against women through language, motifs of nature and ominous images of deterioration and disappearance. The sculpture, which is close to a storey high but with a broken-off top that suggests its reach could be much higher, sits in the airy main foyer of the Law Building. The location was deliberately chosen to encourage members of the legal profession to be mindful of feminist social justice and legislative inadequacies in the protection of women.

Source: Teresa Posyniak (2008). Domestic Violence.