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Grand Parade, Halifax

William Johnson & Matt Robinson, Grand Parade, Halifax, 2009
Grand Parade, Halifax, NS, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Johnson, William; Robinson, Matt
Text author(s): 
Robinson, Matt
Installation year: 

Peintures de lieux historiques peintes sur des boîtes de signalisations

Text of the artwork: 

- ‘the square is the only major shape that is man-made’


a pause, of sorts.             a rupture

in the stolid brick

& concrete rote

that is the city’s downtown counting;

our stepped caesura.



            it has been here we have been

here for the tumult & explosion

of the core, its people.

            a frenetic foreign chaos of

debris.             we



have been right here

& shuffled the icy restlessness

of near-zeroed november

mornings & mindless kicked at

what’s been cobbled,



together.               we have,

i’m sure, been here just

some of us a slight

bit drunk.             loose shouldered &

slack jawed, searching



the night’s unsteady dark for

a fight, for a bite of salty meat or slice

of pizza.               we have been here,

however briefly,

on the way: up, or down,



or over.                we have been here;

we have been.                 

            we have, at very least,

just this: a near accidental architecture

of moments; a shape of who we are.

Text theme: 
Les poèmes se réfèrent à la ville, aux événements d'importance historique et aux possibilités futures, sa géographie et l'évolution constante de la population.

The painted traffic box is part of an HRM-wide project. Poet Matthew Robinson was contacted by Heather MacLeod, who works for the city’s Community Relations & Cultural Affairs department, to work on a site-specific poem for Grand Parade.

« From that point on I started to do a little research on the Grand Parade—-after Heather explained the particular traffic box that she had in mind—-and eventually came up with the poem we ended up using,” says Robinson. He says the poem isn’t exactly commemorative, but “something that was accessible and interesting; something that would be rather easily associated with the city and its people. I hope the poem does that in a reasonable way.»


Sue Carter Flinn (2009). Matt Robinson gets poetic in Grand Parade. The Coast (14 août)


Ville d'Halifax

Matt Robinson gets poetric in Grand Parade

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