Derek Besant, DayDream, 1996
Calgary Plus 15 walkway, Calgary, AB, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Besant, Derek
Text author(s): 
Besant, Derek
Installation year: 

Sur des parois de verre, on retrouve des textes et des fragments d'images. D'un côté, on retrouve les pensées des femmes et de l'autre, celles des hommes.

Text theme: 
Pensées des hommes et des femmes
Artwork theme: 

Le rêve


« One side represented the thoughts of a woman, while the other was the thoughts of a man.  In the early morning light, office people who worked in either of the buildings the walkways was between, walked through the shadows of words from the woman cast by sunrise.  At 5 PM the people exiting work via the walkway, walked through the text of the man in low evening sunset. »


Conversation avec l'artiste, 4 septembre 2009

Ville de Calgary