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All Intertwining

Blake Williams, All Intertwining, 2002
Blake Williams, All Intertwining, 2002
Blake Williams, All Intertwining, 2002
Blake Williams, All Intertwining, 2002
WaterWise Demonstration Garden, 14245 56 Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Williams, Blake
Text author(s): 
Allende, Isabel; Dalai Lama; Roddick, Anita; Peres, Shimon; Mitchell, Joni; Guerin, John; Auteur anonyme (proverbes africain et uzbeki)
Installation year: 

Le Waterwise Demonstration Garden a été conçu pour être alimenté par les pluies naturelles. Un grand panneau en céramique identifie le jardin, et trois signes plus petits communiquent la philosophie derrière ce projet de conservation de l'eau, en encourageant les visiteurs à voir l'eau comme une ressource limitée et précieuse.

Text of the artwork: 

The hissing of

summer lawns

Joni Mitchell

John Guerin



agua preciosa






Sto lo






all intertwining


water the source

water our future


two hydrogens and one oxygen




from less and less

land, and less and less

water we can have

more and more

products, more and more



Shimon Peres


It’s those types of rituals

that I think are the sort of myths and legends of life

that I think we’ve lost in our

society. We don’t know how

to ritualize water. We just

turn on the tap and there it comes, but we don’t have

the sense of benediction

for water.


Anita Roddick


All intertwining cont.


people in the villages all

over the world know how

precious water is. The

women who go every day, sometimes twice a


walking miles

with a jar on their head to

collect the water for the

family, ...They know how

precious it is, how much

every drop counts.


Isabel Allende


“The world is not ours. It’s a treasure we hold in

trust for future generations.”


African proverb




a river



“If you run out of water you run out of life”




“...our whole life depends on it so we have the

responsibility to take care of water “


Dalai Lama



polished stones,

a creek


to dust


“If you want to symbolize life, it’s a bowl of

water. It has to do

with everything that is spiritual to humankind.


Isabel Allende


“we’re going to be having lots of conflict

between states where one of the major issues

would be water and who controls the source”


Kofi Annan

Text theme: 
(Importance de l’)eau
Artwork theme: 

La conservation de l'eau et durable des jardins, la responsabilité environnementale

City of Surrey Public and Community Art Collection

Public Art : All Intertwining

Williams, Blake (2008).  Public Art : All Intertwining. <http://www.blakewilliams.ca/Public_art.html> : Blake Williams webpage