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Scopes of Site

Jill Anholt , Scopes of Site, 2003
Jill Anholt , Scopes of Site, 2003
Coal Harbour, 500 Nicola Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Anholt, Jill
Text author(s): 
Anholt, Jill
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

Cascina/Denia residential property, near the towers; corner plaza of Nicola and Hastings Streets


The sculpture takes its form from periscopes and telescopes as instruments used for discovering what lay below the surface.

Text of the artwork: 


1881    Spratt’s floating oilery in Coal Harbour uses dynamite
to extract herring from the water. After only a few years,
the herring stops coming.
1884    The finest trees felled from the site are milled to 700m
Square by 34 m long then shipped to China to build the
Imperial Palace.

Text theme: 
Exploitation of local natural resources
Artwork theme: 
Past, present and future of the site; exploitation of local natural resources
Completed in 2002. Installed in 2003.

• Budget: $84,500
• Sponsoring organization: ASPAC Development
• Private development.