Artworks located in Baie-Saint-Paul

Oeillée vers le large

Gérard Thériault, Oeillée vers le large, 2002Gérard Thériault, Oeillée vers le large, 2002
Large sculpture representing an Amerindian looking in the distance. The work is made of wire that has been rolled into voluminous shapes to create the character. A poem by the artist and an explanator [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Thériault, Gérard
Installation year: 

Les Écritures d’eau

Pierre Bourgault, Les écritures d'eau, 1986Pierre Bourgault, Les écritures d'eau, 1986
The work consists of white painted wooden boards, linked end to end by two yellow polypropylene ropes and kept at the bottom of the river with boat anchors. The sculpture initially looked like a giant [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Bourgault, Pierre
Installation year: