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À demi-mot

Diane Gougeon, À demi-mot, 1997
Diane Gougeon, À demi-mot, 1997
Diane Gougeon, À demi-mot, 1997
Montréal, QC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Gougeon, Diane
Text author(s): 
Gougeon, Diane
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

The artistic intervention was carried out on the roofs of ten taxis driving through the streets of downtown Montreal.


Ten taxis roamed the streets of downtown Montreal for ten days with a light box attached to the roof. The boxes represented the "X" and the "O" of the popular tic tac toe game. "Bruit blanc" was inscribed on the X, while its English equivalent, "White Noise", appeared on the "O". The artwork underlined Montreal linguistic uniqueness, being both a bilingual and multicultural city.

Text of the artwork: 

White Noise Bruit blanc

Text theme: 
Bilingualism and multiculturalism
Artwork theme: 
Two aspects of language: the body and the spirit

Event: Sur l'expérience de la ville included ten artistic interventions presented in the city of Montreal during autumn 1997. This exhibition offered a reflection about urban space and the role of citizens at a time in history that was marked by the end of utopias. It is said of Montreal that it is experiencing an urban transition, and this exhibition aimed to highlight this specific aspect to educate the public about various current issues raised by experiencing life in a cosmopolitan city.

Event date(s): 

Sur l’expérience de la ville

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Sur l’expérience de la ville : interventions en milieu urbain

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