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Building Bridges

Vallalee Hoffman, Building Bridges, 2004
Vallalee Hoffman, Building Bridges, 2004
Vallalee Hoffman, Building Bridges, 2004
Bridgeview Community Hall, 11475 126A Street, Surrey, BC, V3V 5G8, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Hoffman, Vallalee
Text author(s): 
• Building Bridges" Project Proposal Collaborative (of which Hoffman if a member): Claire Cilliers (collaborating artist - drawing & painting), Rhonda Hanley -BCA (project coordinator), Louise Robertson - SEEC (environmental education advisor) •Bridgeview Elementary Students (grades 4 to 7): Ceramic Tile fabrication (made in Workshops)• Bridgeview Community Participants : Mosaic Construction (made in Workshops) • Howard Hoffman Construction : building of the concrete walkway
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

Mosaic walkway and mural located at the entrance to the Hall; mural on the exterior walls of adjacent field washroom


A large, detailed mosaic walkway includes images from nature, pillar-like seats named for each of the five nearby bridges, and a painted mural reflecting the community.

Text of the artwork: 



[benches mosaic Road 1/5]


[benches Road mosaic 2/5]

Alex Fraser

[Wall. Side 1/4]

Come together

Share our dreams

thankful hands

[Wall. Side 2/4]





[Wall. Side 3/4]

create mosaic

(Possibly on the same wall)


hearts and hands

Text theme: 
Local history and environnent; community and community values (sharing, common goals, etc.)
Artwork theme: 
Links between residents and their neighbours; neighbourhood environment and history; mosaics : 5 major bridges in or around Surrey, reflecting industry; natural life indigenous to the area (birds, fishes, animals, flowers, trees, insects and the river)
The City of Surrey's Community Art Matching-funds Program (CAMP) and the Bridgeview Community Association partnered with artists Vallalee Hoffman and Claire Cilliers along with the Surrey Environmental Education Centre. Staff and volunteers from BCA and Surrey Environmental Education Centre were present, assisting the artists and participants during the creation of the tiles. BCA and SEEC provided information and presentations to participants. The concept for the mosaic walkway with pillar seating was proposed by Vallalee Hoffman. The original design ideas were fine tuned by the members of the "Building Bridges" Project Proposal Collaborative. Hoffman fabricated the pillar seats and hand-made clay tiles. She was employed from 2003-2004. The project took 1 year from planning to installation. This project provided a focus for the Bridgeview Community Association's 60th Anniversary Celebration in July 2004.   Vallale Hoffman (2008). Public Art Commissions. Bridgeview Project. <http://www.vallalee-hoffman.com/public_art_page.html>
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