Œuvre d'art public

Lettres ès Sens

Normand Forget, Lettres ès Sens, 1993. © Centre d'Exposition Lanaudière
Bibliothèque de Charlemagne, 84 rue du Sacré-Coeur, Charlemagne, QC, J5Z 1W8, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Forget, Normand
Text author(s): 
Forget, Normand
Installation year: 

Hanging sculpture and four low reliefs. The hanging sculpture is an empty obelisk whose sides are pierced with an arcade. The low reliefs consist of four tilted panels featuring Braille letters, Morse code signs, runes and signs such as those used by stone cutters. The panels are installed around the hanging sculpture, near the ceiling, and lean towards it.

Text of the artwork: 

Braille letters, Morse code signs, runes, signs used by stone-cutters.

Text theme: 
The first eight are Goth or Viking runes, followed by the first eight letters of the Braille alphabet and Morse code, then stone-cutter signs of recognition
Artwork theme: 
Traces and signs. Communication

The obelisk  marks a reference to writing as it is a surface covered with hieroglyphics. These written languages are different from ours but they evoke history as well as the various modes of communication that human beings find to express themselves.

Ville et bibliothèque de Charlemagne