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Et, ils vécurent heureux

Carole Baillargeon, Et, ils vécurent heureux, 1995
Inspired by the "paper doll", a high-relief represents a dress. The back and front are juxtaposed so reversed, one above the other. The lower part (the front) shows a pattern of "root" or "branch". An [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Baillargeon, Carole
Installation year: 

Jeu d’ailes et d’échelles

Claudine Cotton, Jeu d'ailes et d'échelles, 1996. © Véronique Villeneuve
Inspired by the former function of the building, a fire station, the artist created a system of ladders that unfold into a spiral, evoking the fenestration. Wings are added to these, flight devices as [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Cotton, Claudine

Le temps du verbe

Jacek Jarnuszkiewicz, Le temps du verbe,1997Jacek Jarnuszkiewicz, Le temps du verbe,1997
A concrete wall features a series of drawers like those used in archival filing. A square plate seems to jump out of one of the drawers. Numbers 1 to 16 appear on it. A grille is superimposed onto thi [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Jarnuszkiewicz, Jacek
Installation year: