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Kiosk, 2004-2005

Derek Sullivan, Kiosk, 2005Derek Sullivan, Kiosk, 2005
Artwork creator(s): 
Sullivan, Derek
Installation year: 

Kyoto sur la glace 2008

Nicole Dextras, Kyoto sur la Glace 2008, 2008Nicole Dextras, Kyoto sur la Glace 2008, 2008
Outdoor installation, which consisted of a frozen wedding dress that children could crawl under, frozen sheets and shirts, plus letters made of ice that spelled "Mémoire de glace" (Ice Memory) and "Éq [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Dextras, Nicole
Installation year: 

One Garden One Night One Wish

Andrew Zealley & Chrysanne Stathacos, One Garden One Night One Wish, 2006
Sound installation with printed paper elements attached to a tree. [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Zealley Andrew; Stathacos, Chrysanne
Installation year: