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All That Has Value

Ron Benner, All That Has Value,1993Ron Benner, All That Has Value,1993
Garden installation: black and white photographs with text [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Benner, Ron
Installation year: 

L'Île au trésor

Manon Fafard, L'Île au trésor, 1996. © Pascale Beaudet
The pierced column in which the art work is installed represents a view of the Lavaltrie river bank with a view of the "treasure" island. Both receptacle and circumscribed sight, the island features c [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Fafard, Manon
Installation year: 


John Dickson, SOS, 2001
A device installed on the bottom of the harbour water shoots air bubbles to the surface every 22 seconds. The bubbles spell the acronym SOS. [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Dickson, John
Installation year: 

The Name of the Tree

The Name of the Tree is a story written directly onto the leaves of a tree. [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Frank, Simon
Installation year: 

Third Garden

Warren Quigley & Millie Chen,Third Garden, 2002Warren Quigley & Millie Chen,Third Garden, 2002Warren Quigley & Millie Chen,Third Garden, 2002
Third Garden is designed as a monument to local memory. This garden refers to the past use of the surrounding grounds as a healing site for psychiatric care, and to current day use as regenerated land [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Chen, Millie; Quigley, Warren
Installation year: