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Déplacements et autres mouvances

Rose-Marie E. Goulet, Déplacements et autres mouvances, 2000
Arrows painted on a rocky outcrop in the centre of town point us toward the top of the cape, from where we discover a cityscape dominated by mining facilities. Made up of foreign-sounding names, these [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Goulet, Rose-Marie E.
Installation year: 

Spitfire Heroes

Spitfire HeroesSpitfire Heroes
3-D murals on the South and East walls of Windsor Arena depict Wyandotte Towne Centre’s theme of “Welcoming the World,” as they honour community sports legends and team spirit. [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Foley, Paul; Golden, Cheryl; Kaiser, Melissa; Milne, Andrea; Moffatt, Lynda; Morrell, Kelley ; Weston, Jo Anne