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Au commencement était le Verbe…

[Anonymous] (2012).  Au commencement était le Verbe…. <> 28 Septembre 2012 : Journal Le Nord

Au petit matin

Brault, Jacques, Robert Melançon (1993).  Au petit matin. Montréal : Éditions de l'Hexagone, p. 56

Audiowork. One Garden, One Night, One Wish

Zealley, Andrew (2006).  Audiowork. One Garden, One Night, One Wish. <> : Andrew Zealley webpage

Aux confins de l’œuvre / Art on the Edge

Fisette, Serge (2006).  Aux confins de l’œuvre / Art on the Edge. Espace. no. 74 (Hiver-Winter) , p. 5-14

Axis of Time

Bell Farrell, Carolyn (2000).  Axis of Time. The Tree Museum. Gravenhurst : The Tree Museum, p. 11-15

Baden, Mowry : Joy Rides

Richardson, Joan (1999).  Baden, Mowry : Joy Rides. Canadian Art. vol. 16, no. 2, p. 86

Barbara Kruger - Scotiabank CONTACT

Scotiabank_CONTACT (2010).  Barbara Kruger - Scotiabank CONTACT. <> : CONTACT Photography Festival

Barrels, Bicycles and Belonging

Laurence, Robin (2003).  Barrels, Bicycles and Belonging. Canadian Art. vol. 20, no. 2, p. 76-80

Beginning to See the Light. Yoko Ono, Imagine Peace

Scotiabank_NuitBlanche (2008).  Beginning to See the Light. Yoko Ono, Imagine Peace. <> : BankScotia Nuit Blanche

Belle initiative d’art public

[Anonymous] (2001).  Belle initiative d’art public. La Presse. (3 février), p. D15

Belonging, sous le pont

Dextras, Nicole (2008).  Belonging, sous le pont. <>Fall - Winter 2007/2008, no. 18 : On Site review

Betty Goodwin, Guy Pellerin

Lacroix, Laurier (1992).  Betty Goodwin, Guy Pellerin. Parachute. no. 65 (Janvier-Mars) , p. 48-50

Beyond Lowbrow Camp

Vaughan, Richard (2005).  Beyond Lowbrow Camp. National Post. (May 21)