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Solid or semisolid organic substance usually obtained from a plant secretion, but sometimes obtained from insects or made from synthetic material. It is soluble in organic solvent but not in water, and is commonly used in varnish, printing ink, and size. It is distinguished from "gum" by not being dissoluble in water.

Dans l'oeil de ce monde

Marie-Christiane Mathieu, Dans l'oeil de ce monde, 2007Marie-Christiane Mathieu, Dans l'oeil de ce monde, 2007
A totem pole is topped by a leafy cabin in which a hare may be living. The artwork is made up of four components: a totem pole, a cabin, a tortoise and a hare. Each element carries its own story. The [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Mathieu, Marie-Christiane
Installation year: 


The work consists of six panels that are used as doors. Each contains seven partially superimposed vertical boards. Their black surfaces feature carved text (a total of 2,200 letters) reproducing a le [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Vaillancourt, Armand
Installation year: 
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