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An amorphous, inorganic substance made by fusing silica (silicon dioxide) with a basic oxide; generally transparent but often translucent or opaque. Its characteristic properties are its hardness and rigidity at ordinary temperatures, its capacity for plastic working at elevated temperatures, and its resistance to weathering and to most chemicals except hydrofluoric acid.

Jeu d’ailes et d’échelles

Claudine Cotton, Jeu d'ailes et d'échelles, 1996. © Véronique Villeneuve
Inspired by the former function of the building, a fire station, the artist created a system of ladders that unfold into a spiral, evoking the fenestration. Wings are added to these, flight devices as [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Cotton, Claudine

Arbre de mai

Claudine Cotton, Arbre de mai, 1994. © Véronique VilleneuveClaudine Cotton, Arbre de mai, 1994. © Véronique Villeneuve
This installation was inspired by the forestry vocation of the village, as well as the secular tradition of planting a tree decorated with ribbons in front of the door of a person we wish to honour or [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Cotton, Claudine
Installation year: 

Géographies à fleur de peau

Magali Chouinard, Géographies à fleur de peau, 1998 © Laurette ThompsonMagali Chouinard, Géographies à fleur de peau, 1998 © Laurette ThompsonMagali Chouinard, Géographies à fleur de peau, 1998 © Laurette Thompson
Five circular images consisting of a montage of various mediums represent female characters that have been superimposed onto a map. Stanzas are written on 19 acetate discs revolving around the 5 image [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Chouinard, Magali
Installation year: 

Le bruit du monde

Gilbert Boyer, Le bruit du monde, 2002
The artwork consists of a long glass wall installed under a light shaft. Messages, sentences, words, handwritten or typographical signs as well as declarations collected from the institution's student [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Boyer, Gilbert
Installation year: 
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