Installation and intervention

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Installation: Use for works, beginning in the 1960s, that use their exhibition space as part of their design. Demanding a viewer's active engagement, installations are often created by artists in direct opposition to the notion of permanent artwork, or art as a commodity. Intervention: Interaction with a pre-existing artwork, audience, site or space.

La Montagne des jours

Gilbert Boyer, La Montagne des jours, 1991. © Gilbert BoyerGilbert Boyer, La Montagne des jours, 1991Gilbert Boyer, La Montagne des jours, 1991. © Gilbert Boyer
These five discs lying on the ground along the trails of Mount-Royal. These discs are hardly visible from afar, they are based sometimes with soil and leaves. In winter, they are imperceptible as cove [...]
Artwork creator(s): 
Boyer, Gilbert
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