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What Will You Do?

What Will You Do?, 2007
What Will You Do?, 2007
What Will You Do?, 2007
Simcoe and Queen West, Toronto, ON, Canada
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Czegledy, Nina; Judelman, Greg; Hession, Deborah; Barber, Daniel
Text author(s): 
The public
Hession, Deb
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B10 site on the map of the event


A projected interactive installation displays the question "What will you do (to stop climate change)?" and invites the general public to respond with an SMS text message to a specified local phone number. Responses appear within seconds as part of a projected real-time visualization.

Text of the artwork: 

[Text surface]

WHAT WILL YOU DO? TO STOP CLIMATE CHANGE Finish The Sentence With A Text Message To 416-555-1234 [Text of substance (partial list?)] Eat less meat Read books about it Use the compost Turn the lights off Educate my kids Take the bus Fly less Buy organic food Lose my air conditioner Get a smaller car Change my job Start a sustainable business Heat my home less in winter Use less water

[Text on the screen Simcoe and Queen (partial list)]

WHAT WILL YOU DO? TO COOL OUR EARTH? RESPOND NOW BY TEXT MESSAGE TO 647-449-9932 --- I will Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. I will dominate the arctic oil fields I will get a household energy audit. I will try to wash my dishes by hand. I will buy a really expensive hybrid car. I will consume less. I will water my lawn less frequently. I will give used clothes to charity instead of throwing them out. I will make sweet love in the environmental faculty. I will make love to mother earth and make new baby ones I will learn to spell properly so that people will respect my environmental ideas. I will not use condoms for they pollute the planet. I will tell omar to turn out his lights. I will use both sides of my toilet paper! I will car pool to work. I will only shower once per week. I will not buy disposable plates and utensils. I will pick up one extra piece of litter a day. I will not move to the suburbs like my stupid friends. I will paint myself green and run naked in the streets. I will replace my old refrigerator. I will eat tofu instead of burgers. I will reuse my plastic fork until I forcibly break it on a steak. I will keep my car tuned up. I will check my car tire pressure regularly. I will bathe every 2 days! I will buy recycled paper products. I will shower in cold water despite shrinkage. I will not eat at hot dog vendors who use styrofoam. I won’t use toilet paper when I go for number 2. I will live like a caveman. I will try to reduce my electricity use. I will plant my own vegetable garden. I will move in with Al Gore. I will eat less cats. I will volunteer to green NGO’s. I will make sure I will turn off my lights when I am not home. I will try to print less at work. I will turn off my lights when I am not using them. I will hug the person next to me when I see this message. I Won’t Drive A Car. Ever. I will overthrow capitalism. I will shut this screen down to save energy. I will buy fresh instead of frozen foods. I will use mostly all-natural, biodegradable cleaning products. I will never wash again… I will not over-dry clothes. I will ride my bike more. I will exhale less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I will show the same respect to the world it has shown me. I will demand to know what’s in my food and where it comes from. I will not participate in balloon abundant activities. I will practice dimming lights in my home. I will buy products with less packaging. We will eat vegetarian. I will take a shower once a month.

Text theme: 
Adopting a (more) ecological lifestyle

From sunset at 7:03 pm on Saturday, September 29, to sunrise at 7:14 am on Sunday, September 30, 2007, Toronto was bustling with activity as thousands experienced a full night of contemporary art and performance in three zones across the city.


Event: Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2007

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Green Art

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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. Toronto Canada 2007. Nina Czegledy, Greg Judelman, Deborah Hession and Daniel Barber. WHAT WILL YOU DO?

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