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Douglas Senft, Weave, 2002. © Marc André Brouillette
Douglas Senft, Weave, 2002. © Marc André Brouillette
Douglas Senft, Weave, 2002. © Marc André Brouillette
Douglas Senft, Weave, 2002. © Marc André Brouillette
Douglas Senft, Weave, 2002
Douglas Senft, Weave, 2002. © Marc André Brouillette
The Escala; Escala Waterfront Place, 323 Jervis Street , Vancouver, BC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Senft, Douglas
Text author(s): 
Senft, Douglas
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

Downtown, on the Northwest side of the building adjacent to the seawall


The work addresses the history of Coal Harbour and is comprised of four parts. 1) Three bronze rings (8' diameter) and one bronze half-ring (15' in diameter) are cast into the paving stones that show the pattern of Douglas Fir bark. The size of the rings represents the size of old-growth trees. 2) Three steel benches with text cut into the seats are installed in the periphery. Text is in Spanish, English and First Nations languages, and include names of people, industries, plants and aquatic life relevant to the area. 3) Seven cast aluminum tree grates depict hydrographic maps and the aviation history of Coal Harbour. 4) Bronze panels depict the annual growth patterns of the trees installed on the seven columns.

Text of the artwork: 

Bench 1

Vancouver - 1798     deadmans     Skwatsaw’s='island'
Empress Ships     flying boat     Maberly    Burnaby
Halibut=scha7th     nine o’clock gun     sawmill
Khwaykhway='masks'     Osborne     Galiano-1792
Morton, Brighouse, Hailstone     "Three Greenhorns"


Bench 2

Simdon-Maxwell 'bent end' = Pahpeyuk   DL 185
Lost Lagoon octopus = st'elxwets'    Richards
Sangsters  shipyard  ch'eshay' = Douglas fir
Anderson Point Easthrope   HMCS Discovery
Skwxwu7mesin - Squamish forge Hallelujah Point


Bench 3

Punta de la Bodega - Stanley Park  Boeing Aircraft
chelwhah'ulch = 'dry at low tide '  Narvaez - 1791
Hoffar - Beeching blacksmith Benon Bros. coal
Spratt's oilery  herring = slhawt   Brockton Point
Kanaka Ranchiere  C. P. R. # 374  W.r. Menchions.

Text theme: 
Coal Harbour region; historical personalities; local flora and aquatic life (existing and extinct); the aviation and lumber industries that flourished in Coal Harbour.
Artwork theme: 
History and industrial transformation of Coal Harbour and its surrounding area.

Sponsoring Organization: ASPAC Development

Private development

City of Vancouver