Public Artwork

We Are the World

Mark Lewis, We Are The World, 1988
Burrard, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Lewis, Mark
Text author(s): 
Lewis, Mark
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

Bus shelter Southwest corner of Burrard at Robson Street


Photographic image in a bus shelter

Text of the artwork: 

We Are The World
You Are The Third World

Text theme: 
Industrialized countries, Third World
Artwork theme: 
Industrialized countries, Third World, injustice and economic imbalance, poverty and capitalism, overconsumption.
  • Exhibition We Are the World / White Noise, YYZ Gallery, Toronto, ON, 1988 (Wednesday, April 27-Saturday, May 21). This version of the work was in three languages: Korean, English and Afghan Farsi
  • Exhibition Adverse Practices, Vancouver, BC, 1988.
    Following negotiations with the city of Vancouver, the exhition was booked on the front and back of the advertising box in the bus shelter located at the Southwest corner of the intersection of Burrard and Robson Streets, from February 29 to June 13, 1988. The participating artists created specific new works for the project. Five three-week exhibitions followed.
We Are the World by Mark Lewis and Perhaps She Was So Wicked... by Jil P. Weaving simultaneously occupy the front and back of the advertising box in the bus shelter.

Event: Adverse Practices, February 29-March 21, 1988
Event date(s): 

Adverse Practises (Practises Zealously Pursued Pass Into Habits)

Culley, Peter (1988).  Adverse Practises (Practises Zealously Pursued Pass Into Habits). Vancouver : The Vancouver Association for Noncommercial Culture, p. 16