Public Artwork

We, 2008

Jaume Plensa, We 2008, 2009
Jaume Plensa, We 2008, 2009
Jaume Plensa, We 2008, 2009
Jaume Plensa, We 2008, 2009
Sunset Beach , Vancouver, BC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Plensa, Jaume
Text author(s): 
Plensa, Jaume
Installation year: 

Sitting proud and peaceful, this 16-foot-tall human figure is made up of characters from eight alphabets: Latin, Greek, Russian Cyrillic, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. The sculpture is dramatically illuminated at night.

Text of the artwork: 

Characters from eight alphabets

Text theme: 
Represents places of meditation and silence, where the soul and emotions can find refuge from a world that is so deafening, the mind gets lost in it.
Artwork theme: 

This work of art celebrates the linguistic diversity and multiculturalism of Vancouver by putting multiple alphabets together to create a larger-than-life sculpture in human form.


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Vancouver Biennale announces Jaume Plensa's new work entitled We

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Vancouver Biennale: We

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