Public Artwork


Phil Morrison, Van, 2002
Phil Morrison, Van, 2002
Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, BC, V2L 5T1, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Morrison, Phil
Text author(s): 
Morrison, Phil
Installation year: 

Car pierced with letters.

Text of the artwork: 

May 15 2002 1130 in the morning I’ve been dying to get started on this piece I’m not completely sure this is going to work, but this is where the energy is and who am I to question the will of budding consciousness or try to explain the wordless mysteries within the creative process Anyway lets leave those larger musings for the poets and philosophers and return to the task at hand which is to cover this van with words then I'll cut them out with the plasma cutter creating a fragile latticework of language a cage a screen we see everything through I like the idea that the words let light in and allow you to see inside yet simultaneously weakens the thing. There are inadequacies even lies inherent within the framework of language that perhaps we might reflect upon from time to time to deflate the arrogance that accompanies knowledge. I’d love to park the van and plant flowers inside it.

Text theme: 
The artist’s random impressions during the creative process
Artwork theme: 

Overthinking; over-rationalized art; language

Created in 2002, set in 2002.

Event: New Works, Two Rivers Gallery (Curator: George Harris).

Date: July 23-October 6, 2002