Public Artwork

Urbaine urbanité

Gilles Bissonnet, Urbaine urbanité, 2002
Restaurant La Belle Gare Valois; Garage de la Culture, Montréal, QC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Bissonnet, Gilles
Text author(s): 
Bissonnet, Gilles
Installation year: 

The artist painted the exterior building walls in white and installed strips of text on the façade.

Text of the artwork: 

Restaurant La Belle Gare Valois:

Manger Aimer Marcher - Disparition Vitesse Rêve

Exterior of the Garage de la Culture:

Gentrification ? Garage de la culture Habitat…

Artwork theme: 

Urbanity as the degree of "user-friendliness" of a public space, use of a space that the public needs to take possession of.


Galerie FMR organized a manifestation of public art on the site of the future Place Valois. Seven artists took on the ghostly character of the current site and invested the expropriated properties at the corner of Ontario and Valois Streets. They proposed a reflection on urbanity as seen as the gauge for the "user-friendliness" of a public space, a space which the public needs to take possession of. The demolition of buildings marked the end of this event, but also the end of an era.


Event : Urbaine urbanité

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