Public Artwork

Transcription 92

Lisette Lemieux, Transcription 92, 1992
Lisette Lemieux, Transcription 92, 1992
Lisette Lemieux, Transcription 92, 1992
Centre Pierre-Péladeau, 300 de Maisonneuve Blvd. East, Montréal, QC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Lemieux, Lisette
Text author(s): 
Lemieux, Lisette
Dabek, E.; Jasmin, P.
Installation year: 

The mural unfolds on the 18 glass panels of a curtain wall and on a painted drywall surface mounted on the adjacent wall. Evoking a musical staff, each glass panel features 5 superimposed words. They are written in sandblasted cursive letters, starting from a continuous line linking all three horizontal window panes. This composition is repeated on each of the 18 panels of the curtain wall — together forming six strips — as well as on the drywall surface on the adjacent wall, where the series of words is transcribed in graphite.

Text of the artwork: 

Engraved on the glass surface of the entrance: 90 terms related to dance, singing, music:

barcarole, contredanse, intermezzo, menuet, psaume, tango, etc.

Transcribed onto the drywall surface: 90 terms related to the interpretation of music:

ardente, crescendo, doloroso, presto, legato, staccato, etc.

Text theme: 
Music, Singing, Dance
Artwork theme: 
Music, singing and dance, interpretation.


0.15 m

Plate mounted on the upper left of the entrance wall: LISETTE LEMIEUX / TRANSCRIPTION - 1992, The work integrates the curtain wall and the adjacent wall (left side) located in the lobby of the main entrance to the Centre.The words are legible only from inside the building.

Société du Centre Pierre-Péladeau; Université du Québec à Montréal
Jodoin, Lamarre, Pratte and cie; Dimitri Dimakopoulos and cie