Public Artwork

The Lethbridge Wind Gauge

James Henry, The Lethbridge Wind Gauge, 1985
James Henry, The Lethbridge Wind Gauge, 1985
Chinook Country Tourist building, 2805 Scenic Drive, Lethbridge, AB, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Henry, James
Text author(s): 
Henry, James
Installation year: 

Giant wind gauge

Text of the artwork: 

When ball hangs at 22 degrees a Lethbridgian considers it "Calm"

When ball hangs at 45 degrees a Lethbridgian considers it "Fairly Calm"

When ball hangs at 90 degrees a Lethbridgian considers it "Little Windy"

When chain stretches a Lethbridgian considers it "Kind of Brisk"

When chain breaks a Lethbridgian considers it "Sure is Windy"

Artwork theme: 

A salute to Lethbridge's 100th anniversary in 1985.



It was erected by the General Stewart Branch No. 4 Royal Canadian Legion, in cooperation with the Lethbridge Centennial Society.

The ball was once used to float screens in the ocean to prevent submarines from coming closer inland. The chain is anchor chain.

Average wind speed at Lethbridge is 20.6 km/h or 12.7 mph.

When the wind gauge was originally built, it was located over by the high level bridge. Buried underneath it were three time capsules. These were done in conjunction with the wind gauge project. People were invited to purchase envelopes to place in these capsules to be opened in 25, 50 and 100 years. The 25-year time capsules are due to be opened in 2010; the 50-year, in 2035; and the 100-year, of course, in 2085. The time capsules remain at the original site at the top of the coulees on the East end of the high level bridge.