Public Artwork

Southern Boy

Kiki Yee, Southern Boy, 1992
Vancouver SkyTrain, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Yee, Kiki
Text author(s): 
Yee, Kiki
Installation year: 

Photographic image placed in a billboard

Text of the artwork: 

He is a fine, attractive-looking
little fellow, his full hazel eyes
beaming with kindliness and
intelligence. The almond form and
oblique setting of the eye, so
peculiar to the natives of the
south, is well brought out in this

Text theme: 
Artwork theme: 
Racial difference, ethnocentrism
The Billboard Series Art: Public Art Exhibition, organized by the Active ARTIFACTS Cultural Association (coordinator: Don Murray; commissioners: Melinda Mollineaux and Marianne Nicholson) by BC Transit Vancouver Regional Transit System. Box Subsequent Event Artropolis 93 (1993) in Vancouver.

January 9 to July 8, 1992
Event date(s): 

THE BILLBOARD ART SERIES is a public art exhibition which features the original works of 15 Canadian artists and reflects the concerns, aspirations and traditions of a culturally diverse society. The series follows on the success of two previous public art exhibitions hosted by BC Transit – TRANSPOSITIONS in 1990 and ARTROPOLIS in 1991.  There are a total of 15 works, 5 of which are featured each month at 2 different stations.


The Billboard Art Series

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Artropolis 93 : Public Art and Art About Public Issues

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