Public Artwork

signs series

Germaine Koh, signs series, 2002
Germaine Koh, signs series, 2002
Catriona Jeffries Gallery, 274 W 1st Avenue , Vancouver, BC, V5T 1A6, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Koh, Germaine
Text author(s): 
Koh, Germaine
Installation year: 

A series of artworks made by blocking out words from pre-printed signs, using pieces of self-adhesive vinyl, in order perhaps to isolate the underlying sentiments behind these standard communications

Text of the artwork: 

Sorry --- SO --- HELP --- NO, NO, NO --- HELP WANTED

Text theme: 
Sentimental and implicit element of communications in public places
Artwork theme: 

Solicitation of an emotional response, interaction and exchange, a sense of community, empathy.


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Open Hours. An Exhibition by Germaine Koh, September 1 through October 20, 2002

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