Public Artwork

See Other Side of Sign

Ron Terada, See Other Side of Sign, 2006
Quartier éphémère, 956 Ottawa Street, Montréal, QC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Terada, Ron
Text author(s): 
Terada, Ron
Installation year: 

In situ intervention on abandoned billboard.

Text of the artwork: 

See Other Side Of Sign

Artwork theme: 

Ron Terada (Vancouver) reveals a sensitive area of identity with the controversial See Other Side Of Sign, which appears as nonsense in a bare landscape. Isolated in its absurdity, See Other Side Of Sign manages yet to provoke controversy.


Quartier Éphémère places artists’ interventions in the city, at the heart of its bustling activities. Plan Large is an event that aims to improve the urban environment and the dynamic of a neighbourhood through the presence of art. Three photographers empower three illuminated abandoned billboards, diverted from their original advertising function by the use of giant photographs. From the Bonaventure highway and the railway tracks, millions of commuters can admire the illuminated pieces every day as they enter and leave the city. The artists were selected based on the context and the immediate environment for the location of the panels. This artwork has already been exhibited elsewhere (but not in a public place): Ron Terada, See Other Side of Sign, December 7-10, 2006, Art Basel Miami Beach. Exhibition of artworks by artists of the Catriona Jeffries Gallery.