Public Artwork

Relic of Memory I and II

Anne O’Callaghan, Relic of Memory,1998
Anne O’Callaghan, Relic of Memory,1998
The Tree Museum, Ryde Lake Road , Gravenhurst, ON, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
O’Callaghan, Anne
Text author(s): 
O’Callaghan, Anne
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

1444 Dupont Street, Unit 11A, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 4H3


In Relic of Memory, domestic and architectural structures fabricated from contemporary industrial materials are introduced into the environment. An eight-foot long steel table squarely placed in a moss-laden clearing bears the inscription "Huron-Hatherly-Ruttan," identifying the generations of people who have inhabited this territory. Alternately, the poetic insertions on the reverse trace the organic constituents of the earth: "Petrified Wood-Dead Lava-Cooling Star-Incarcerated Ghosts," extending the historical continuum. Nearby, an area of hollowed ground is vaulted by a pair of steel arches joined at the vertices by a single cross beam.

Text of the artwork: 

Huron – Hatherly – Ruttan -- Petrified Wood – Dead Lava – Cooling Star – Incarcerated Ghosts

Artwork theme: 
Ancient cultures and geology of the site

1.Relic of Memory, McMaster University, Faculty Club, Hamilton, 1996. Two-dimensional multimedia artwork.

2.Relic of Memory I, The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst, since 1998. In-situ sculptural installation.

3.Relic of Memory II, The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst, since 1999. In-situ sculptural installation.


Artwork in two parts: Relic of Memory I (1998) and Relic of Memory (1999). One of three works created by the three founders of Tree Museum (Anne O'Callaghan, Tim Whiten and Badanna Zack), installed on site for the opening year in 1998.


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