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One potato, two's your life...

Michael Fernandes, One potato, two's your life..., 2007
Michael Fernandes, One potato, two's your life..., 2007
Michael Fernandes, One potato, two's your life..., 2007
Michael Fernandes, One potato, two's your life..., 2007
Galerie du MAI, 3680 rue Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, QC, H2X 2K5, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Fernandes, Michael
Text author(s): 
Fernandes, Michael
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 
Occupied the space of Galerie du MAI, its windows and its neighbouring streets.

The artist offered an itinerary in the gallery and outside.

The MAI's eight windows were blocked up to present text fragments in fluorescent lettering.

Posters announcing lost cats were distributed on walls and lampposts throughout the surrounding streets. The poster was touched up by the artist, though he took care of preserving all the information.

On the other side of the large windows, the MAI's exhibition hall was plunged in darkness. Four stations were indicated on the ground. A soundtrack and projection were associated with each one.

Text of the artwork: 

While working for different people in the past

Je ne travaillais pas pour le gouvernement

I'm working for my country

Peu importe qui vient

I have not been working for government

Peu importe qui s'en va

whoever comes

whoever goes

ce n'est pas mon problème

if the people are being busy somewhere

Ils ne vont nulle part ailleurs partciper à quelque activité guerrière

si les gens sont occupés quelque part

they are not going anywhere else to some war-like activities

Text theme: 
Relationship to work and country
Artwork theme: 
Interpenetration of art and life, trade, exchanges, multiple voices, fragmented message
Galerie du MAI gave carte blanche to Michael Fernandes, a Canadian artist known for his artwork and his ecclectic body of work. During an artist residency in Montreal, he shot short video, almost too simple little stories. One potato, two potato... is a game, a random game, but it is also a change of roles, a turn of events. This artwork traces a quest for identity in tongue-in-cheek style.

One potato, two potato ... it's your life ...
February 8 to March 31
Event date(s): 

Michael Fernandes. One potato, two's you life...

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Michael Fernandes

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