Public Artwork

Monument à la Pointe

Gills Mihalcean, Monument à la pointe, 2001
Gills Mihalcean, Monument à la pointe, 2001
Corner of Centre street and Atwater avenue, Montréal, QC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Mihalcean, Gilles
Text author(s): 
Mihalcean, Gilles
Atelier Formaviva, general contractor; Thonney, Jean-Pierre (N.C.K. engineering); Lasalle, Jules (casting)
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

The work is installed on a roundabout.


Monument commemorating the district of Pointe-Saint-Charles and its inhabitants. It is shaped like a boat, evoking maritime transfers. Three wooden beams support a triangular element. Its three layers have a symbolic value for the artist: the lower part, in green concrete,  recalls the "Irish origins of the neighborhood"; the central element, in red bricks, connects "working class dwellings" to the area; and the three aluminium chimneys that top the upper part of the piece are a reflection of the "industrial past" of Pointe-Saint-Charles. A poem is written on a panel.

Text of the artwork: 

C'est un grand bateau
À la coque de forêt et de brique
Qui navigua sur nos sueurs
Un bateau sur pilotis
Qui tant de fois
Nous sauva des eaux
Gilles Mihalcean

Text theme: 
Maritime history
Artwork theme: 

History of the district

The work was inaugurated on October 13, 2001.


City of Montréal

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