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Les quatre éléments

Dominique Laquerre, Les quatre éléments, 1991. © Dominique Laquerre
Dominique Laquerre, Les quatre éléments, 1991. © Dominique Laquerre
Bibliothèque Simone-L.-Roy, 500 rue de la Grande-Allée, Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada
Alternate title: 
Les quatre éléments
Artwork creator(s): 
Laquerre, Dominique
Text author(s): 
Laquerre, Dominique
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

The work is installed in the central atrium of the library.


The installation consists of paintings on wooden panels and a metallic structure. The paintings cover the upper part of four of the library's columns. They evoke the elements of nature - water, air, earth and fire - as well as various elements of the Pointe-du-Lac landscape (contours of the banks, flight of migrating birds). Text excerpts were pasted to the transparent strata of different paintings. They refer to a combination of natural elements and fields of knowledge, as chosen by the artist - fire/applied science; water/imagination and fiction; earth/practical knowledge; air/spirituality. A green steel structure is anchored between two columns, representing a cantilever bridge.

Text of the artwork: 

Excerpts from pasted text:

d'expliquer, de / cheminement intérieur / s'accomplir à / [•••] sang / [•••] / avec la vie le poète et [•••]

écrire en souvenir de demain

Text theme: 
Nature, Knowledge
Artwork theme: 
Nature, Knowledge
Ville de Trois-Rivière
Bigué, Michel

Elles nous encerclent : l’art public trifluvien 2006

Trois-Rivières (2006).  Elles nous encerclent : l’art public trifluvien 2006. <>Trois-Rivières : Corporation de développement culturel de Trois-Rivière