Public Artwork

Le feu du dedans

Manon Fafard, Le feu du dedans, 1998. © Pascale Beaudet
École primaire L'Étincelle, 2225 boul. des Seigneurs, Terrebonne, QC, J6X 4A8, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Fafard, Manon
Text author(s): 
Fafard, Manon
Installation year: 

The artwork consists of 24 mini houses attached to the walls of a room. They are all painted red and in different sizes. The houses are inspired from houses neighboring the school and offer a silhouette with a pointy roof. Each one features a glass window with the upper half divided into four window panes. Through these, we can see photographs onto which images have been drawn. A text is painted above each window, around its contour.

Commission scolaire des Affluents; École primaire L'Étincelle

La politique du 1% dans Lanaudière. Les œuvres du milieu culturel

Beaudet, Pascale (1999).  La politique du 1% dans Lanaudière. Les œuvres du milieu culturel. L’Artefact. vol. 7, no. 5 (Mars-Avril) , p. 22-27

Les œuvres du 1%. Les écoles (2e partie)

Beaudet, Pascale (1999).  Les œuvres du 1%. Les écoles (2e partie). L’Artefact. vol. 8 , no. 3 (Octobre - Novembre) , p. 26-31