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La Traversée

Jean-Pierre Gaudreau, La traversée, 2000
Jean-Pierre Gaudreau, La traversée, 2000
Centre hospitalier régional de Trois-Rivières, 1991 boul. du Carmel, Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Gaudreau, Jean-Pierre
Text author(s): 
Gaudreau, Jean-Pierre
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

The work is installed on a wall in the corridor leading to the examination rooms of the Sainte-Marie Pavilion, to the MRI department.


The work consists of three panels. The central panel represents an arched bridge with three turtles crossing it. Under it, the tail of a fish or sea mammal can be seen. This tail rises out of an oval aluminium plate that evokes water. Part of the animal's fin is also made of aluminium. The two extremities of the arched bridge are presented on two smaller panels, which hang one facing the other on the side walls that frame the central panel. The text is written on the wall plate.

Text of the artwork: 


Persévérance et force têtue.
Joindre le réel à l'imaginaire.
Construire des ponts.
Entreprendre la traversée de nos rêves.

Text theme: 
Struggles, Continuity
Artwork theme: 
Water, struggles, life
Centre hospitalier régional de Trois-Rivières

Elles nous encerclent : l’art public trifluvien 2006

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