Public Artwork

Hommage à Gaétan Beaudin

Galerie Gaétan Beaudin, 2435 rue de l’Église, Val-David, QC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Unknown Creator
Text author(s): 
Beaudin, Gaétan
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

The artwork is installed outside the gallery, to the left of the entrance.


On the ground, a square cement slab incorporates fragments of various pottery pieces. In the center, a plaque shows a quote from Gaétan Beaudin (1924-2002).

Text of the artwork: 

Il y aura toujours en nous cette nécessité d’éclairer de la joie d’être cause Gaétan Beaudin 1924-2002

Artwork theme: 

1001 POTS offers an escape through the mountainous terrain of the Laurentians in the heart of the "Ceramics Country," the village of Val-David. For a month, over one hundred exhibitors invite visitors to this unique event.

Event: 1001 POTS


Every year, the 1001 POTS event (a ceramics exhibition) takes place on the property next door to the gallery.