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From Frozen Ponds

Blake Williams, From Frozen Ponds,1999
Blake Williams, From Frozen Ponds,1999
Blake Williams, From Frozen Ponds,1999
Surrey Arenas Complex ; Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex, 16555 Fraser Highway, Surrey, BC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Williams, Blake
Text author(s): 
Williams, Blake
Installation year: 
Text of the artwork: 

From Frozen Ponds


On Frozen Ponds


To Spring Thaw


Lord Stanley



Artwork theme: 

Development of hockey in Canada; women’s hockey; history and love of hockey



From Frozen Ponds is a collage-like mural filling an entire wall [alongside a staircase].

The mural’s cool greys, blues and purples suggest the colours created by natural light refracting through cold ice. The "historical images" chosen by Williams for the project evoke professional competition, and, in the artist’s words, the “spirit, history and exhilaration of the game.” Images culled from the B.C. Archives and the City of Vancouver Archives.

Images of women playing hockey emphasize the long, rich tradition of a sport often overshadowed by the male-dominated NHL; in fact, the game is now the fastest growing female sport in the country.

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Public Art : From Frozen Ponds

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