Public Artwork


Rose-Marie E. Goulet, Défilé, 1993. © Rose-Marie E. Goulet
Rose-Marie E. Goulet, Défilé, 1993. © Rose-Marie E. Goulet
Terry-Fox School, 900 av. Des Lacasse, Laval, QC, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Goulet, Rose-Marie E.
Text author(s): 
Goulet, Rose-Marie E.
Installation year: 

Located in the alley that children take to enter the schoolyard, this installation draws its formal elements from basic components of knowledge - letters and numbers. Children cross disordered rows of posts bearing the numbers and symbols of a fragmentary multiplication table.

Text of the artwork: 

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Artwork theme: 

A direct indication to reconstruct what is shown as fragmentary or incomplete is behind the architectural work, conditioning the viewer's experience of it. Thus, schoolchildren walk through a series of poles placed in a disorderly manner and bearing the fragmentary figures of a multiplication table.


Projets, archives et documents

Goulet, Rose-Marie E. (2005).  Projets, archives et documents. Montréal : Centre de diffusion 3D, p. 78