Public Artwork


Pascale Ouellet, Chinook, 2006
Pascale Ouellet, Chinook, 2006
Banks of Bow River , Canmore, AB, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Ouellet, Pascale (Bigoudi)
Text author(s): 
Ouellet, Pascale
Installation year: 

Chinook is about 23 feet high and depicts a ribbon blowing in the wind to represent the Chinook, the prairie wind that blows out of the mountains in the winter and can warm everything up in a single day.

Text of the artwork: 

Le vent qui me transporte sans bouger
Celui qui fait danser les arbres
Et du silence des montagnes
Fait un grand bruit

C'est le Chinook et son arc
Qui est venu tel un ami
Réchauffer les âmes engourdies
Par la magie, la pluie et le froid

Et quand il ne peut contrôler sa puissance
Il ne faut pas lui en vouloir
Car c'est un géant maladroit
Au grand cœur immense

The wind which elates me without moving
Which makes the trees dance
And of the silence of the mountains
Make a great noise

He is the Chinook and his arc
Came as a friend
To warm up the souls numbed
By the snow, the rain and the cold

And when he cannot control his power
One should not be upset with him
Because he is a clumsy giant
With an immense heart

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In 2005, Bigoudi won an award from the town of Canmore to create a piece of public art. Her sculpture, Chinook, is about 23-feet high and depicts a ribbon blowing in the wind to represent the praire wind.