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Body, Mind, Spirit

Blake Williams, Body, Mind, Spirit, 2009
Blake Williams, Body, Mind, Spirit, 2009
Southland Leisure Centre , 2000 Southland Drive SW, Calgary, AB, T2V 4S4, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Williams, Blake
Text author(s): 
Williams, Blake
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

In the main hall


The artist installed a series of text- and photo-based ceramic tiles in the main hall of Southland Leisure Centre. The intent of the public art piece is to capture the spirit of the Centre by reflecting the activities that take place there, and its postion as a wellness and gathering place for the communities it serves.

The layering of imagery and glazes, with the incorporation of a multitude of small details and textures, creates a sense of movement and rhythm, reflecting the spirit of the facility's users. The images are representative of wellness, accessibility, participation and recreation, and celebrate the cultural diversity of the surrounding communities.

The red strip of fused glass that runs through the piece as a metaphorical river, together with the 30+ translations of the word 'welcome' and the symbolic use of hands, reflect the universal concepts of interconnectivity, respect and acceptance.

Text of the artwork: 















all things





[«welcome» in various languages]


welcome, chao mung, khosh aamadd, laskavo prosymo, huan yin, bienvenido, selamat datang, aloha, vitajte, foon ying, merhaba, velkomen, dobrodoshli, witamy, hamnida, welkom, tervetuloa, mabuhay, swaagatam, willkommen, bienvenue, dobro polalovat, karibu

Text theme: 
Artwork theme: 

Spirit of the Southland Leisure Centre; community


Commissioned by the City of Calgary’s Public Art Program. The artist was selected through an open call process with a submission deadline of November 9, 2007. The artistic budget was $65,000. The project was a collaborative initiative from the Public Art Program and the Department of Recreation. The capital project which provided the funding was Renovation and Facility Enhancement. Body Mind Spirit was completed in April 2009.

City of Calgary