Public Artwork

Anonymous Gay and Lesbian Portraits

Larry Glawson, Anonymous Gay and Lesbian Portraits, 1995
Safeway parking Lot, River Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Glawson, Larry
Text author(s): 
Glawson, Larry
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

Plug In's billboard in the Safeway parking lot; non-literary photographic components in storefront windows throughout the Osborne village business district


In cooperation with Floating Gallery's Festival of Light, Glawson presented two large-scale photographic portraits on Plug In's billboard at River and Osborne. Each portrait suggested the gay/lesbian portraits transcend simple definitions based on stereotyping.

Artwork theme: 

Denominations of gays and lesbians, human identity

The project took three forms:
History: 11 images (11 x 20 inches each)
Event: Fractured Spaces, Winnipeg Art Gallery
Date: February 1995
History: large wall arrangement of 8 images (8 x 10 inches each)
Event: Quiver, Light Gallery
Date: June 1995
Floating Gallery had 20,000 visitors visit the exhibition of this work.

Event: Light Year: A Festival of Photography, organized by Floating Gallery
Date: September 30-October 28, 1995

Light Year : A Festival of Photographies

Walsh, Meeka, Larissa Lai, Denis Lessard (1998).  Light Year : A Festival of Photographies. Winnipeg : Floating Gallery

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