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32 Days Towards a House of Prayer

Pam Hall, 32 Days Towards a House of Prayer, 2007
Pam Hall, 32 Days Towards a House of Prayer, 2007
St. John's, NL, Canada
Artwork creator(s): 
Hall, Pam
Text author(s): 
Hall, Pam
Installation year: 
Remarks on location: 

Near the artist's house in St. John's


Pieces of cloth hanging from the branches of trees.

Text of the artwork: 

(Incomplete text)

Forgiveress + compassion More work in service of others

Artwork theme: 
The change between autumn and winter

Between November 12 and December 14, 2007.

32 days... was also installed at Brown-RISD Hillel Gallery in Providence, RI, as part of the Hall's 2008 installation A Wish and a Prayer.


Each morning between November 12 and December 14, 2007, Hall woke to greet the day with a wish/prayer inscribed on a small strip of linen, which she then hung outdoors on a small tree near her house in St. John's, Newfoundland. A daily practice intended to mark the change between fall and winter, it reminded her to begin each day mindfully and with full attention. When the process was complete, she brought the rags indoors and made them into a small house... a humble but hopeful structure that may be the first of many to follow.